Ferrero Italia
Station Domination in Milan for Ferrero Italia

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Original and innovative, but also inspired by the tradition in its iconic shape is the fabulous Christmas Tree which illuminates the Milanese Christmas this year, giving all the...

Christmas tree IGPDecaux for Esselunga Milan 2019

It is time for Christmas inspirations for all the passengers of the milanese underground. Thanks to the collaboration of IGPDecaux, OBI Italia, the large-scale retail company specialized in the...

OOH advertising in Milan IGPDecaux Station Domination for OBI Italia

Emirates, the airline company which is part of The Emirates Group, makes the passengers dream with its wonderful tourist destinations

IGPDecaux Milan Station Domination for Emirates

The Michelin Group, which is one of the main players in the automotive sector, especially known for the production and the consequent sale of tyres, brings its...

Outdoor communication IGPDecaux Full-Wrap in Milan for Michelin