IGPDecaux: born into the profession

IGPDecaux was established at the end of 2001 from the merger of IGP, a leading company in public transport advertising owned by the du Chène de Vère family, JCDecaux Comunicazione Esterna Italia, a subsidiary of the French JCDecaux Group, and RCS MediaGroup. 
As of 2 July 2015, JCDecaux SA and the du Chène de Vère family acquired the stake held by RCS Media Group.

Following this transaction, JCDecaux and the du Chène de Vère Family hold 60% and 40% of IGPDecaux's capital respectively. The entire structure reports to the Chief Executive Officer. The company is not listed on any stock exchanges or other regulated markets; however, it is part of the JCDecaux group whose parent company is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange 


We want to develop the outdoor communication market without inflating it, on the contrary, by reducing its invasiveness and with the aim of contributing to the functional aesthetics of cities.


We want to base our leadership on absolute service and product quality and total customer satisfaction.

Human Resources

We are committed to offering our employees and collaborators the same opportunities for growth. We foster professional development and the assumption of responsibility. We value delegation as a decision-making and operational tool; we encourage and advocate teamwork and the pooling of skills.


We promote the building of a culture of responsibility, both internally and externally, and fully ethical behaviour.


We are committed to developing innovative solutions that help cities and our partners grow by integrating sustainability into our products and services.

Loyalty, clarity and transparency

We value the knowledge and know-how of each individual while respecting professional ethics, decorum and fundamental human rights. We conduct ourselves according to loyalty, clarity and transparency.

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