Advertising that is able to adapt to external conditions, to interact with users, to engage and enrich, to connect.


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just in time

Adaptive advertising

We are used to thinking of advertisements as something that, once structured, always remains the same, until the campaign changes. But what if we could decide exactly when and what to show our audience? And even more, what if we could follow our audience around the city, to be right where they are at all times? And what if we could choose what to show them according to a set of data that updates in real time, from the time of day or week to the weather or even linking to events and useful information? How much would our communication gain?

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Increase engagement

Increasing audience engagement means first and foremost providing the right people with the right message. This is why IGPDecaux has deployed a series of tools capable of studying consumer behaviour, preferences, habits and places visited so that brands can better plan their advertising campaigns, taking advantage of the various assets available and above all the versatility of Digital Out Of Home. 
The precision of positioning, coupled with increasingly personalised messages and the possibility of interacting with the advertising campaigns themselves is a real accelerator for OOH/DOOH initiatives, which are making their full entry among urban experiences.


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Targeted messages, straight to the point

Is the heat getting to you? Or is it a cool, breezy day? Is it morning and people are taking public transport to work? Or has the evening arrived and thoughts turn to aperitifs or dinner? Advertising capable of adapting in real time to the changes taking place around the users has an exceptional communicative power: this is why Dynamic Content Digital Out Of Home solutions allow you to set up different campaigns that display information in real time and change automatically depending on, for example, the time of the day, the day of the week, weather conditions, temperature, location, UV rays, but also on the basis of any kind of external data feed. 
Because it is important to speak the same language as our audience and to talk in a relevant way. And because being contextually relevant means being more effective!

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creating dialogue

Interactivity and gamification

Interactivity means adapting one's communication to the external context and providing useful information, but it also and above all means engagement: this is why IGPDecaux has made it possible for users to actively participate in communication. An integrated QR code can refer to exclusive content or even bring an image to life via augmented reality solutions. Or a person standing in front of a communication can receive a real-time notification on their mobile phone informing them of a reserved offer, inviting them to perform an action or even to interact with it in a kind of unexpected game.

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