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Your communication, in the heart of the city. High impact, coverage and frequency.

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In the middle of the street, where it counts

As far as buses and trams are concerned, IGPDecaux is unrivalled in Italy: the management of advertising on these vehicles in around 80 municipalities makes IGPDecaux the absolute leader in this field, and therefore with a great deal of experience in the realisation and management of campaigns on public transport.
Planning your own advertisements on buses and trams, maybe in several cities at the same time, means not only intercepting the thousands of people who travel by public transport every day, but also and above all covering all the vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the areas travelled by these means.

It means literally being in the centre of the street, achieving high visibility, high capacity to reach one's target even several times, and the possibility of ideally covering all the areas of the city.

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The full decoration of buses and trams - in technical terms full-wrap - which can cover both the exterior and interior of the chosen vehicle is a visually striking solution. The WOW effect is assured, enhancing the recall and perception of one's communication.
The WOW effect of full-wrap is not enough for you? 
Then customisation is the ideal solution for you, with on-board events, sampling activities, interactivity, augmented reality, active passenger involvement... so let your imagination run wild to attract attention and create activation! 

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