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Digital Out Of Home means effectiveness, quality, eye catching solutions and activation. It means maximising the potential of out-of-home communication!

Eye-catching solutions

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Quality and high communication impact

The impact of an advertising communication depends on many factors, not least the medium on which it is planned, combined with the possibility of customising it, modifying it over time, scheduling it when and where it is most effective. 
All this is DOOH: image quality, synchronisation of contiguous screens, messages in motion, timely and precise planning, the opportunity to diversify communication, the drive for interactivity and involvement. In a word: effectiveness.

Eye-catching solutions
The evolution of Digital

interactive and

Behavioural Targeting

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Behavioural Targeting

IGPDecaux's Behavioural Targeting programmes make it possible to intercept the places most frequented by each brand's elective targets with great precision, so as to choose the screens most suited to the brand’s needs. An integrated set of data (mobile, POI, Telco, etc.) makes it possible not only to identify areas of attractiveness or other socio-demographic indicators, but also to obtain a mirror of that target's behaviour.

One can access thematic networks already created by IGPDecaux or request ad hoc customisations according to specific customer requirements. 

Behavioural Targeting

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Relevant and real-time communication

Why think about communication that is always the same? Why not instead customise it according to time of day, day, weather, temperature, location or even UV rays?

DOOH solutions offer the possibility to really communicate with the user, in a contextually relevant way, even by varying messages in real time (results of a match, number of tickets/products left, etc.). This improves the performance of campaigns and increases the potential engagement of people. 

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Digital Street Furniture

Digital Street Furniture is installed along the streets of our cities to maximise Reach. DOOH solutions for Street Furniture include large format full HD screens in the busiest areas of city centres. High quality communication, high definition, eye-catching solutions to attract the attention of passers-by, excellent positioning, synchronised screens for maximum impact and 24-hour on-air campaigns: you couldn't ask for better.
Digital Street Furniture is available in the cities of Milan, Pavia, Bologna, Genoa and Naples.

Digital Arredo Urbano
Digital Metro

Digital Metro means maximum synergy between volume and waiting time. With this solution, the main stations of five underground networks are ready to host your Digital Out Of Home communications with different solutions depending on the specific facilities: the underground is a particularly favourable environment for advertising campaigns, as passengers are known to be very receptive both because they are in an environment normally perceived to be free of danger - they are not focused on crossing the street or driving - and because of waiting times. All conditions that favour an active and interested exploratory mode and a greater likelihood of attention.
Digital Metro solutions are available in Rome, Milan, Turin, Naples and Brescia.

Digital Metropolitana
Digital Airport

Dwell time and quality context to maximise the effectiveness of your communication. The airport is a special environment in every respect: the brands present in these environments are perceived by the public as valuable brands. A public that, on the other hand, due to the specificities of airports is particularly receptive to the messages that are proposed therein. This is why the choice of a DOOH solution at the airport is particularly effective.
Digital Airport solutions are available at Milan Malpensa, Milan Linate, Bergamo Orio al Serio, Turin Caselle and Genoa.

Digital Aeroporto

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beyond digital

Activation, Interactivity and Mobile

A Digital Out of Home campaign is also the most effective gateway to integration with Mobile advertising or Social. There is no longer anyone who doesn't walk around with a smartphone in their pocket, so why not make our campaigns interact with these devices as well? Whether it is an action we ask the user to perform, a push notification you receive on your smartphone or an invitation to play, the possibilities are endless and activation is guaranteed.

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