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Territory-wide advertising supporting public transport: an effective choice for brands and cities

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high visibility

Meet your audience

The purpose of advertising is to be seen and remembered by people who must see and remember it: this is why solutions with a high emotional impact, of high quality and placed in strategic points in the city are the most effective choice in terms of yield.

And what better place to be seen than shelters and other elements of street furniture? They can be found in every part of the city, even the most central ones, where thousands of people pass by every day. 
Moreover, the waiting time for public transport ensures a long-lasting exposure.
And the high quality of the solutions on offer, ranging from high-definition digital screens to backlit posters, do the rest. This is why you couldn't ask for anything better.

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public service

Advertising that is good for the city

IGPDecaux operates its installations as a community service: not only advertising must enter city life discreetly and blend in perfectly with its surroundings, but it must also represent a service for citizens.

This is why we have, for example, brought the concept of advertising street furniture to Italy: our bus and tram shelters, signed by leading names in the field of design, are in fact manufactured, installed and maintained by IGPDecaux, with a clear advantage for those who use the vehicles and for the city's decorum.


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find your audience

Behavioural Targeting

IGPDecaux's Behavioural Targeting programmes make it possible to intercept the places frequented by each brand's elective targets with great precision so as to choose the most suitable installations for one's own needs: an integrated series of data makes it possible not only to identify areas of attractiveness or other socio-demographic indicators, but also to obtain a mirror of the target's behaviour, making communication exposure much more precise and effective.

One can access thematic networks already created by IGPDecaux or create ad hoc networks according to specific customer requirements.

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