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The combination of OOH/DOOH and mobile is a real boost for advertising campaigns

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Street & Mobile: perfect synergy

Whatever the age group, the education level, the income level, and the type of interest, the public's propensity to use smartphones is becoming more and more widespread, just as much as leaving home in the morning: this is why thinking about making Out Of Home and Mobile interact is a winning idea! Indeed, campaigns that combine the two media register significantly higher conversion figures than either of the two media taken individually. 

The possibilities for interaction are manifold, as is the creativity that each brand can use to attract its target: IGPDecaux provides you with all the technological, analysis and reporting tools necessary to ensure that each campaign is a success.

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in-app banners and 
push notifications

A message for you

Among the most successful tools are push notifications and in-app banners, which engage users who are within a certain radius of the advertising communication or near points of interest such as shops and retailers in general. The content of the mobile communication may aim to continue the dialogue with users, make them perform actions or obtain specific benefits or more information.

Communication takes place in real time so that the person receives it just as they are in the presence of the OOH/DOOH 
Attention is ensured!

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Do you want to play?

Interactivity and gamification are a further evolution of the concept of push notifications and in-app banners: since I am dialoguing in real time with users, just as they are in the presence of my advertising communication, why not take full advantage of this possibility?
It is therefore possible, for example, to provide deliberately incomplete messages, or a communication that refers to social media... the variations are almost infinite. Just let your ideas run wild!

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QR Code

Want information?

In recent years, people have become accustomed to using QR Codes to access content of interest quickly, simply by framing them with a webcam.

A quick and immediate method, which can also be of great use for OOH campaigns: including a QR Code in one's own communications allows the user to access practically unlimited content, ranging from simple information, to one's own eStore, to a promotion or to directions to the nearest shop. Simple, easy and quick to add depth to your communication! 

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