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A transversal means of transport, capable of gathering many people at any time of the day

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All your audience, in one place

No means of transport is like the underground: not only does it make it possible to reach a very large number of people, repeatedly exposing them to advertising messages, but it also makes it possible to address a diverse and transversal audience at the same time.

This is why communicating even in a single station and in just a few days can yield significant returns in terms of visibility by ensuring that tens of thousands of eyes see what we have to communicate. And they see it often, because those who use this means of transport usually do so several times in the course of a single day.

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A means of transport for all

People of different ages, with different levels of education and income, with an infinite number of interests and with different jobs or studies use it.

A very wide target audience, therefore, typically more inclined to be explorative: the known route, the absence of dangers such as cars or pedestrians to watch out for, and the waiting times in fact favour attention to one's surroundings. Advertising firs of all!

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