For the environment

We work in the heart of cities and in the transport industry, close to citizens and commuters. That is why we have an important responsibility: to limit our environmental impact.

Our impacts: understanding and measuring in order to act

Every action we take has an impact on the environment around us, which is why we are constantly working to maximise the recycling and recovery of materials from our various activities. In the major cities where we operate, we use 100 per cent FSC-certified paper for our advertising displays, which is recovered and recycled at the end of the campaign. We exclusively use UV / water-based inks for printing the creative work.

When we make full-wrap displays, covering trams, buses or metro stations with large advertising campaigns, we strive to limit their environmental impact, maximising the recycling of films and ensuring that the adhesive products can also be given a second life.

The advertising boards of buses and trams, after multiple uses, are recovered and to a large extent recycled into secondary raw material, which is used to make fruit boxes, hangers, vases and other everyday objects. Glass and metals are also replaced on damaged equipment and recovered for the industry.


Minimal impact from operations

The maintenance activities of the plants spread throughout the territory are carried out by specialised and trained technicians with specific training focused on environmental and safety issues. As far as 
plant cleaning is concerned, it is carried out with washable and reusable 
technical cloths so as to limit the consumption of raw materials and the production of waste, with a reduction in waste of around eight tonnes per year.

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