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Programmatic to intercept your audience where and when you want, with maximum freedom


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Meet your audience when and where you want

IGPDecaux provides brands with all the data they need to identify the behaviour and movements of their target audience, so that planners can manage their advertising communications and the message to be conveyed with extreme precision.

Programmatic solutions are the ideal tool to do it in an agile and rapid way, choosing autonomously when and where to be on-air. There are two modes available: Guaranteed, for those with precise objectives and pre-established budgets who want to guarantee publication, and Non-Guaranteed for those who prefer to exploit the maximum flexibility of Digital Out of Home.

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Fixed price per impression

With Programmatic solutions you always know how much you are spending: the cost per impression is fixed and you can always keep track of the investment in the campaign.

Campaigns on air when and where you want

With the Programmatic Guaranteed option you can plan your campaigns in advance by booking the placements you prefer, while the Non-Guaranteed option allows you to vary your planning as and when you wish.

Manage your campaigns freely

Plan and organise your campaigns with great freedom, purchasing the impressions you prefer or checking from time to time the availability of those you consider most suitable for your communication.

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A secure network

If your brand has pre-established budgets for the advertising campaign and has pre-set goals to achieve, the best solution is Programmatic Guaranteed: this mode allows you to buy impressions not only in the locations that best meet your needs, but also at the most suitable times of day. 

For example, if your target audience moves around the city centre during the day, moves to places identified as leisure areas in the evening and frequents cultural areas at the weekend, it will be possible to realise communication that follows this dynamic. 

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Maximum freedom

Objectives and budgets are not always predetermined well in advance: due to scheduling issues, external conditions, and the very nature of the product or service sold, it is not uncommon that both the goals we set and the economic coverage to achieve them can vary over time. In this case the best solution is to choose the option Programmatic Non-Guaranteed: I can always decide I want, even at the last moment, when and where to display my communication, subject of course to space availability.

One more idea? Why not think about a balanced mix of Guaranteed and Non-Guaranteed campaigns? It is the perfect recipe to have a minimum guarantee of visibility on the target audience and, at the same time, put in place corrective measures or buy additional impressions to complement the communication.

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