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Brand Solutions means giving visibility to brand values with innovative projects. Projects based on solutions with a high communicative impact.  

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special projects

Beyond advertising

Brand Solutions make it possible to go beyond classic forms of advertising in the area, however innovative and of quality they may be, and to offer users a true experience that involves, amazes, makes them reflect, and remains stamped in their memory. Not only for the surprise, for the WOW effect that seeing a corner of the city transformed entails, but also for the communicative power that this transformation brings.

Creating immersive environments, giving a new face to a bus shelter or an underground entrance, transforming a tram into a small parallel world. Every Brand Solution activity is a bit of Alice’s mirror: it introjects the user into a magical and immersive reality, into an experience to be lived and shared.

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Engaging the public

With Brand Solutions, communication becomes an integral part of experiencing the city, a piece of the itinerary within the urban fabric: the user, thanks to the possibility of physically enjoying the communication, really comes into contact with the product and even more so with the message, which is amplified and often shared again, becoming itself the subject of social publications.

 The city, its times, its spaces and the people passing through them thus become the centre of installations with a high value and creative content.


being part of the city

Brand Urbanism®

How do we move from Brand Solutions to Brand Urbanism®?
This term, coined by JCDecaux, indicates medium/long-term interventions carried out by brands in city spaces in order to respond to different needs expressed by entities and citizens, thus creating a positive impact on territories and communities.

Brand Urbanism® activities combine in different ways brands and real services on the territory: they can range from electric vehicle charging columns to Christmas trees, from meeting and sharing experiences to raising awareness on specific issues that are very much felt in certain areas. They are the extreme frontier of an advertising action that takes on increasingly precise responsibilities towards the community.

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technical support

We'll take care of it

Brand Solutions facilitate the meeting and dialogue between media centres, creative agencies, clients and the territory to ensure that even the most imaginative, creative and innovative projects can become reality: the management of these special projects is in fact often complex not only on the artistic side, but also on the organisational and bureaucratic side.

This is why a company as experienced and rooted in the territory as IGPDecaux is the perfect partner to proceed swiftly and successfully.

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