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JCDecaux Data Solutions

JCDecaux Data Solutions - Optimise, Engage, Evaluate

IGPDecaux and the JCDecaux Group have developed, in collaboration with leading data providers, platforms capable of providing customers with timely, accurate, up-to-date and customised information. Thus was born JCDecaux Data Solutions, a 360-degree consultancy always at your service!


The programming and planning phase of the campaign is one of the most delicate, because it lays the foundations for the success of one's communication. JCDecaux Data Solutions offers different solutions to support Brands during this moment, from targeting tools such as OOH Planner to profiling with Gfk Sinottica, from data on the main points of interest to official and super partes Audience data from Audioutdoor.


Making your message more effective, generating more recall and encouraging activation, these are some of the main ingredients to give your communication an extra boost. The data-driven solutions available today through JCDecaux Data Solutions will give you concrete support, from the combined management of OOH/DOOH and Mobile advertising, to Dynamic Content solutions, to the creation of real events with IGPDecaux Brand Solutions.


How can I optimise my future campaigns? How can I evaluate their effectiveness? JCDecaux Data Solutions can also support Brands in the post-assessment of Audience, actual footfall or impact on key recall indicators.

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JCDecaux Data Solutions


IGPDecaux is able to provide super partes Audience information via Audioutdoor solutions, supporting brands in both the planning and post-assessment phases. In this way it is possible to identify the most suitable OOH products to reach the target audience and assess how many contacts have been obtained, based on actual city mobility.

Adsquare OOH Planner

Thanks to a collaboration between JCDecaux Data Solutions and Adsquare, it is possible to target according to people's actual behaviour. Want to reach sportsmen and women or fashion addicts? No problem, thanks to the information held by IGPDecaux in just a few minutes we will be able to build tailor-made solutions for every need, not only in the Digital Out of Home field.

Gfk Synoptics

Is my target audience related to the Out of Home medium? The JCDecaux Data Solutions team is at your disposal to carry out specific analyses to evaluate with you how best to plan your out-of-home communication and get to know people's mobility behaviour. This will allow you to choose the most suitable solutions and how OOH integrates optimally with other media.

Geomarketing information

Planning OOH means being present on the ground so as not to go unnoticed. In order to optimise campaigns, IGPDecaux provides all its knowledge of the city's territory and advanced Geomarketing tools (ESRI ArcMap) to map any information, from business areas to high-income areas, from places with the most restaurants to shopping areas. Do you have useful campaign information that can be integrated? No problem, we can use it synergistically with the information we have.

Survey e Brand Effect

What target audience frequents the Underground? What effect did my campaign have on people's recollection? Whether it is a question of having more information about the environment you want to target or of measuring the effectiveness of your campaign on people's recollection, IGPDecaux makes its experience and analysis tools available through countless external partnerships to provide objective information at both the planning and post-evaluation stages.

Vodafone Analytics

How many people were present during the Design Week in Milan? How are the monthly attendances distributed throughout the year? Is August a communication opportunity? We all own a smartphone. Thanks to a collaboration with Vodafone, JCDecaux Data Solutions is able to know how many people were present in each area of the city, day by day, both in terms of volume and in terms of unique users.

Mobile Solutions

Smartphones are now part of our lives. Why not make communication more effective by exploiting the synergies between OOH and Mobile advertising? The addition of in-app banners or push notifications can give a boost to target activation, simplifying the user experience and improving the effectiveness of your campaigns. But even a simple QR-code, now commonly used, can send us from a poster in an underground or a bus shelter to the brand's e-commerce page. Results guaranteed!

Dynamic Content for DOOH

Being relevant to the context is one of the keys to effective communication. Why not show on a digital screen a person with an umbrella if it is raining and one in short sleeves and sunglasses if it is sunny? Or indicate in real time how many concert tickets are still available? With Dynamic Content solutions, it only takes a few steps to make your communication feel closer to the target audience and improve brand perception and recall!

OOH Measurement

Measuring the effectiveness of a campaign that aims to take people into a shop or event is not always easy, but JCDecaux Data Solutions' OOH Measurement platform is the concrete answer at your disposal. Sophisticated algorithms and data from smartphones support the evaluation over time of how many people have entered a brand's flagship shop.


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supporting creativity

Design Help

Thanks to the in-house agency Studiò, IGPDecaux is able to provide specific, high-level creative support to brands wishing to plan communication campaigns in the territory. Our extensive experience in the sector allows us both to study ad hoc creativity and adapt existing creativity to the various OOH and DOOH formats and tools, and to collaborate with agencies and clients to optimise campaigns for the specific media chosen.


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analysing your campaign

Visual Help

Out Of Home campaigns have very special characteristics compared to other communication tools, as a complex series of factors such as mode and timing, size, distance, lighting and so on must be taken into account to ensure a successful campaign. This is why IGPDecaux has developed a series of technological tools that allow brands to assess the possible impact of a campaign in advance and, if necessary, make any changes deemed necessary before going on air.

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the visual

CréAction Full Motion 3D

A software that allows you to preview the creativity used in a 3D city, thus verifying the impact or any criticalities of the poster.


Software that calculates the readability of all parts of the text that make up creativity, calculated on the basis of the viewing distance and taking into account the font size, the graphic style and the colour contrast with the background.

Image Memorability

Software that employs artificial intelligence to evaluate the effectiveness of creativity based on an image's ability to be remembered over time.

Creative Heatmap

Software that allows the effectiveness of creativity to be determined based on its ability to attract the viewer's attention.


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create your

Graphic Design

Supporting customers in the realisation of creations suitable for different OOH media, both analogue AND digital, from the reception of a brief to the development of graphic layouts up to the realisation of print executions.

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